Don’t forget it’s eat out to help out ag…

Don’t forget it’s eat out to help out again today , 50% off food, drinks and cakes ( not alcohol ). Due to a couple of cancellations we have some tables available for breakfast at 10 or 10.30 am
Or lunch. Please ring the tearooms to book on 01282813454 as we don’t always see messages if were busy .

Image may contain: text that says "chips eggs coleslaw- Homemade ciabatta Yorkshire puddings potatoes, pineapple potatoes salad homemade garlic Flatbreads baguettes chips, Homermade flatbread mash roast skinny melted mozzarella chicken spicy tortillas £3.75 onion baguette Warm chicken baguette harissa mayonnaise you avocado, Children's meals Small Sausage melted mozzarella, sundried tomato and includes drink ham beans cordial curly chips peas 12 only and fruit pay £2.48 sundaes pay £1.75 berries, meringue, raspberry Toffee temptation ice cream toffee sauce honeycomb chopped nuts Puddings Homemade apple and blackberry pie and custard Sticky toffee treacle or ginger or ice or custard"Image may contain: text that says "Special 50% except alcohol every Monday, tuesday Breakfast served day English you pay 25. on food sandwich option egg, tomato, available) Smashed avocado poached Breakfast with feta, brown spinach, cherry tomato Lunch bacon mushrooms, scrambled eggs. Served you pay bread and butter and battered fish mushy sauce pay £4.48 Whitby breaded scampi potatoes, pay carved ham egg, chips, salad, pineapple and coleslaw pay £3.75 Homemade lasagne with chips or new potatoes salad or 98 Yorkshire puddings with homemade mash, root veg mash peas, roast beef and gravy you pay £3.98 and garlic Flatbreads baquettes more"