Easter afternoon tea £20 serves two Con…

Easter afternoon tea £20 serves two
Contains – savoury – homemade sausage roll , homemade scotch egg , homemade Wensleydale , asparagus and tomato quiches , finger sandwiches filled with egg mayo , chicken stuffing and cranberry
Brie and ham filled croissants , pot of crisps , pot of salad
Sweet – st Clements cake, scone butter jam and cream , Easter mini egg meringue mess , chocolate mud cake with orange strawberry

Children’s £8 a head
Marshmallow bunny tails
Easter cupcake
Kinder egg filled with kinderella and kinder hippo
Easter treats
Bunny miss tiggywinkle sandwiches – filled with ham , tuna and egg mayo
Pot of salad
Sausage roll , floppy mossy pie , scotch egg
Chocolate dipped strawberry carrot
Easter bunny biscuit

Pot of salad,
Mr mrgregors garden – carrot and celery sticks with hummus